Drawing Toast – The Art of Imperfection

This week I viewed the Ted Talks Draw more, together and Why people believe they can’t draw – and how to prove they can. Drawing can be a difficult task, especially when most individuals would claim they can’t draw. Both of these Ted Talks addressed the idea that people can draw. It’s all a matter of perspective.

Growing up, I never considered myself talented with art. I just didn’t have the skills need to draw. The one crafty pastime I would pursue was cross-stitching. Cross-stitching took all of the creative work and decision making out of the artistic process. You simply followed a grid and a pattern. Needless to say, I avoided anything with a pen, pencil, or marker. These Ted Talks allowed me to draw just for fun… with no strings attached.

In Draw more, together, Ole Qvist-Sørensen notes that “We can take photos of the past. We can draw the future”. This visual process is useful in both the educational and professional setting. While designing my first infographic, I sketched out sections before working in Canva. This allowed me to process how I wanted my infographic to look without the frustrations and limitations of learning new technology.

This week, I was tasked with drawing the process of making toast. This was fun! I enjoyed looking at a creative way to draw this process and present this information. At first, I was critical of my work, especially after comparing to some of my talented classmates. However, I learned that there is a huge relief in not being a perfectionist. I was excited to see how my diagram turned out in the end. You can view the image below.



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