CU Denver Course History & Descriptions

INTE5200 The Online Educator – Summer 2017

This course helps educators transition to teaching online. Students create online experiences, activities, assessments, and resources. Participants will also explore blended learning environments, synchronous and asynchronous instruction, the use of emerging technologies and trends along with accessibility conners, and effective evaluation of online course design.

INTE5665 Social Media & Digital Culture – Fall 2017

The focus of this course is on how educators leverage networked social tools, technologies, and environments to address educational needs, opportunities, and problems of practice; and establish and nurture their own professional learning through participation in digital cultures.

INTE6710 Creative Designs for Instructional Materials – Spring 2018

This course is a project-based exploration of design theories, principles, and best practices for communicating information to diverse learning audiences. Students apply unique design approaches and formats to the creation of materials for teaching, learning, and being of service to underrepresented communities.

INTE5100 Planning & Designing for Instruction – Summer 2018

Instructional design is the process used to analyze, design, develop, and evaluate learning solutions. In this course, students will learn the basics of instructional design by identifying a gap in learning or job performance and designing a learning solution in the form of course units, modules, or other instructional resources.

INTE5250 Strategies for Online & Blended Learning – Fall 2018

This course provides a foundation for effective online teaching strategies. Learning essentials include: affording more reflective, engaging, inventive, and successful online learning experiences; fostering improved presence; and unpacking tools, habits, and processes for effective learning.

INTE6750 eLearning Trends & Issues – spring 2019

This course examines definitions, history, core concepts, and current trends and issues related to the practice of instructional technology. Topics include instructional systems design, theories of learning and instruction, change management, performance improvement, emerging technologies, equity and access, and mobile learning.

INTE5680 producing media for learning – Summer 2019

Students develop and integrate media resources into eLearning environments, applying principles of media selection and multimedia learning. Students explore a variety of tools for producing audio, video, and multimedia content and examine ways to enhance eLearning courses through multimedia presentation and engagement resources.

INTE5340 Learning with digital stories – Summer 2019

This course reviews the uses of digital storytelling for learning. Students develop and publish a short digital story that tells something important about them and their interests. Participants explore ways that creating or using digital stories can aid learning and personal growth.

INTE6720 Research in Learning Design and technology – Fall 2019

This course examines analysis, evaluation, and production of research in instructional technology. Students review methods for observing instruction, assessing learning, and collecting participants reports to improve instruction. Students then develop recommendations for action based on research findings.

INTE5670 Planning & Facilitating Live Events – Spring 2020

Webinars and other live online events are an increasingly popular approach to the delivery of learning and professional development opportunities. Informed by theory and research, students plan for and facilitate live learning events delivered via synchronous online technologies.

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