The Ongoing Discussion of How Technology Alters our Brains

Connectivism emphasizes the importance of networks and connections. In general, George Siemens and other advocates state that seeing connections between fields is a core concept and that learning involves the ability to navigate these complex networks. In many ways, Siemens argues that technology is altering out brains.

When reflecting on this topic, I noticed that I have become lazy! Social media and technology has made finding information easy and efficient. Search engines have been programed to provide you with the most relevant information. Though many argue that social media was created to spark active and engaging discussion, I’ve noticed that many users chose not to participant in this way. I hardly ever search for opinions or debatable topics, and I’m positive I’m not the only one. I’d say 90% of what I search is factual, like how many ounces in a cup, or how many kilometers in a mile. In fact, because I know I can just look up the information later, I hardly make an effort to remember these facts. On another note, I think I seriously lack the self-discipline to actually use my social media resources productively. It can be challenging to find relevant and useful thought leaders in your field. Not only this, but I enjoy “checking-out” when I scroll through these platforms.

If there is one educational benefit to these platforms, it’s that they have sparked my curiosity on credibility. I’ve become rather critical and I’ve learned to question whether the information I am reading is credible. With the accessibility of these resources, anyone can really post anything. There are hardly consequences to if that information is accurate. Perhaps a next step involves educating users of ways to use these platforms productively.

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