Challenge the Idea of Privacy

Privacy has been a growing concern as more and more users are posting on their social media networks. There are always different guidelines and settings for each platform, making it difficult to remember how your information is shared. Though it’s easy to say that we should have stricter guidelines for securing our information, I’m not sure that would help. When we decide to post certain information online, we know that it is accessible. Even if we are strict with who we decide to friend or follow on social media, it doesn’t prevent other’s from seeing that information. People quickly forget that you can screenshot information without anyone’s knowledge. I’m guilty of it too. I know I’ve screenshot chats; I actually did it yesterday, and sent it to friends for advice. Privacy is no longer an issue for just social media, but for all the ways that we decide to communicate with others.

I don’t think complete privacy can be achieved in the online community. I think we should spend more of our energy and effort educating others and the younger generation on the impact of posting to these sites. I created a Facebook at 16 and my parents really helped educate me on what was appropriate and respectful to post. They followed my accounts and helped me learn how to navigate the online world. I think it’s safe to assume that other parents are not taking the same initiative with their children. Let’s teach people to use social media to connect with others and to always remember that the information they share is really accessible to anyone.

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